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Other Services

Bankers Cheques
Offered to customers who wish to make payment and do not have to carry liquid cash. The price is market friendly.

Salary Processing
Offered to customers who wish to earn their salaries/pension/income through FOSA.

Offered to customers where they can access their FOSA accounts anywhere any time at the comfort of their seats e.g. - Salary alerts, payment of utilities, purchase airtime, loans and advance alerts.

Fixed Deposit Reserve
Offered to customers who look for higher returns on their savings, minimum is Kshs. 10,000, minimum peri-od is 3 months. We offer competitive interest rates.

Nyota Ndogo Account
A savings account for children and encourages saving culture in children.

  • It offers very competitive interest rates and benefits.
  • Minimum monthly savings is Kshs. 200.

Holiday Savers Account
Offered to customers who wish to develop a savings culture and wish to go for holiday or wish to plan for future events e.g. weddings, parties. We offer competitive interest rates.

Fosa Akiba

This is a savings account for customers who wish to save for retirement or other projects. The scheme requires:

  • Minimum monthly savings of Kshs. 100.
  • Payment through standing order or cash.
  • Account to mature on retirement /termination/resignation/death.
  • The savings earn an attractive interest rates.
  • Amount saved can be used as security to get a FOSA Akiba loan.

Pesa Pepe
IG Sacco M-Banking *879#

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