Available to customers who wish to develop a savings culture and wish to go for holiday or wish to plan for future events e.g. weddings, parties etc. 

Minimum monthly savings of Kes.1000.
Competitive Interest rate on a minimum savings of Kes.20, 000 payable annually.
Requirement: Must be a member of IG Sacco 
NOTE: A member can withdraw funds from this account on submission of a fourteen (14) days’ notice to the Sacco.

Contact Details

IG (Invest & Grow) Sacco Society LTD

Khalisia Road 3, IG Sacco Plaza

P.o Box 1150- 50100 Kakamega, Kenya.

Telephone: +254 (56) 30864

Mobile: +254 726 340 851/ +254 736 333 334


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